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As we move into a new 2021 AAU membership year, we are committed to a safe return to sports -- providing quality event programming only where, and when, it has been deemed safe to do so while adhering to local, state, and federal guidelines.



In order to resume AAU event programming in your area the following criteria must be met:

  • Federal Guidelines - Adhere to any federal guidelines for re-opening (click here)  

  • CDC Recommendations - Follow CDC recommendations when hosting events (click here

  • State, County and Local Municipality Regulations - Adhere to all state, county and local municipality requirements (please consult with state, county and municipality officials or information provided by the state, county, and municipality websites) 

  • Facility/Venue Protocols - Follow all protocols for the venue by consulting with facility management team.

  • AAU District and National Sport Committee Requirements – Adhere to the event license agreement (click here). 


Please also follow your local News outlets as they continue to provide daily updates on the status of the pandemic and these safety measures are subject to change. 
During these unprecedented times, we must continue to work together to successfully navigate the uncharted waters of the new sports landscape. We look forward to continuing to provide AAU members the quality event programming they have come to expect in a safe environment for the health and well-being of participating athletes, coaches, and family members in 2021 and beyond. 

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