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About the AC Herricanes

Albany County Herricanes




Our philosophy is to provide a competitive and meaningful basketball experience which lends to building young girls into the confident, empowered and independent women of tomorrow.    Our goal through this program is to encourage healthy life choices, develop self-esteem and a positive self-image.  We believe that we rise by lifting others, embracing our differences and individuality.  We cultivate an environment that promotes acceptance of all.  You don’t have to be the best, but you do have to be your best.


We promote accountability and are committed to accepting responsibility for our actions.  On the court,and off the court, we represent ourselves honorably, our family, our teammates and the Herricanes.  We learn to problem solve during difficult life moments, develop a strong work ethic and manage our responsibilities and time.  We honor the game and our teammates with model sportsmanship and effort. Our student-athletes exemplify our core values. 


We encourage our girls to praise each other loudly and criticize softly.  The Herricane players, as well as coaches are valued.  Our intention is to make everyone feel important, regardless of talent.  Our coaches make it a point to acknowledge players by high-fives or fist bumps and acknowledge the effort they are putting forth.  They also keep the athletes moving; repetition is the mother of all learning.  We are true believers of the fundamentals and will not hesitate to hold the line. Our coaches are willing to suspend or remove disruptive players regardless ability. All players will be held accountable at all times, regardless of talent level.  We continue to be open to new ideas and techniques and encourage family participation.



Strong is the new pretty.

Little things make big things happen.

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